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Sanuces Ryu is based upon the simplicity of survival.  It utilizes practical street applications.  Sanuces Ryu embodies the powerfulness of Karate, the agility of boxing, the speed of Arnis stick fighting and joint locking and nerve attacks of Jiu-Jitsu.

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Monday & Wednesday
7:00 - 9:30PM
12:30 - 2:30PM
Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
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  World of Sanuces
Sanuces School for Street Survival

8900 Edgeworth Drive
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

The Sanuces Ryu Bow is one that demonstrates humbleness, respect, peace and gratitude towards the Creator and your fellow man. The Position of the Sanuces Ryu Bow is one of Science and Discipline. Standing at attention with your feet at a 45 degree angle on the square, your hands are out in a servitude and receiving position as if you’re offering your self to someone and receiving a blessing all in one. Your eyes are looking straight ahead and your head is slightly lowered as you bow.

In the Martial Arts we are taught that you should never take your eyes off your opponent even when you bow. With the Sanuces Ryu Bow you’re looking directly at your opponent and viewing all that is around you, with your hands and harms wide open inviting your opponent into the land of no return.

We bow to show respect and appreciation to our instructors and to an opponent and when entering and leaving the Dojo and when getting on and off the mat. The Sanuces Warrior comes in Peace and is never the aggressor but we have the God given right to fight with those who fight with us, self defense. OOOOOS!!!!

Also in the beginning of the Bow we point our index finger up to the Heavens signifying that There is only One God, One System and Family which is Sanuces. Then we place the index finger to our hearts symbolizing the Realness of the Love we have for our God, Teacher and the Art of Sanuces Ryu.

To the Wall and Back

A man or woman of the martial arts thinks at all times.
They possess speed, form, power, technique and gracefulness.
They move like the roar of thunder and strike like the speed of lightning.
That is a man and woman of the martial arts.

--Dr. Moses Powell

Schools of Sanuces Ryu JiuJitsu
Simple Actions, Devastating Effects

A Ryū (流), literally "flow", with the derived meaning of "mainstream", or Ryūha (流派), literally "mainstream school of thought", is a Japanese word referring to a school of thought within any discipline.  Therefore, the members of the Kiyoi No Shinsei (Rebirth of Purity) Schools of Sanuces Ryu have become a self governing body, with different thoughts, philosophies and methods of training within Sanuces Ryu JiuJitsu.


Our mission is to preserve the purity of Sanuces Ryu Jiujitsu through reflection, training and the natural evolution of the system.  We will train those that come to us with pure intentions and a willingness to learn.

What Does Kiyoi No Shinsei Mean?

Our founder, Dr. Moses Powell stated in an interview, "The book begins at the end."  After years of reflection and discussion, we humbly submit that a pure heart and an open mind will realize that the system has no ending. We are not bound by tradition, but empowered through evolution.   That is to say, that unlike many Koryu Arts that practice a fixed number of techniques and katas for the purpose of maintaining the tradition or way (Do), Sanuces Ryu JiuJitsu is constantly adapting and evolving.  Its form is formless, like water.

Dr. Powell stated that, "This well will never run dry."  We have First Generation Yudansha that were taught directly by the founder.  We remember all that was taught to us, and are bound by honor and duty to pass that knowledge on to subsequent generations without dilution, but with supplementation.  Every teacher irrespective of his or her rank, is compelled by loyalty to contribute to the ryu; feed and nurture it as you would a family member.

The Ryu is Phoenix.  Sanuces Ryu is a set of principles for life and survival born of Dr. Powell and instilled in its members.  When a Phoenix appears to perish, it does not die.  If it's spirit is strong and wholesome, it is simply reborn and the cycle of life begins again.

Kiyoi No Shinsei literally translated means,
"Rebirth of Purity."